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Are You in Need of an El Paso County Bail Bond?

If you’ve just gotten a call from a loved one who has been arrested in El Paso County, you may be wondering what comes next. What are your responsibilities? How can you help? The answers are complicated, but fortunately, your first step is straightforward. You want to help your loved one secure their immediate release. And you can do just that via the payment of a bail bond.

Many people are casually familiar with the idea of bail bonds but aren’t sure about the specifics. A bail bond is a sum of money, the amount of which is set by the judge overseeing the case, that may be paid to secure the defendant’s release. Bail bonds may be set in various amounts by the judge and usually differ according to how severe the charges are. Other factors, such as prior record, can also play a role.

In El Paso County, bonds must be paid in full, in cash, to the county court. For additional information on El Paso County bonds, contact Dawn Montoya, PR Bond Commissioner at (719) 520-7070 or DawnMontoya@elpasoco.com or fax: (719) 390-2114.

Types of Bonds in El Paso County

Bail bonds are not meant to be punitive. Rather, they are an insurance policy to help the county feel sure that the defendant will appear in court when they are required to. For this reason, the county will work with you to set bail at an appropriate amount, and in some instances you may not be required to pay at all. Here are the types of bonds set in El Paso County:

  • Cash bond. The full amount of the bond must be paid to the court in cash before the defendant is released. If the defendant fails to appear in court later, the amount of the bond is forfeit. However, if the defendant meets the terms of their release, the bond will be returned to the payer.
  • Surety bond. If you are unable to pay the bond on your own, a surety bond is likely the right choice for you. Surety bonds enable defendants to work with a licensed bail bondsman like Patriot Bail Bonds. We will cover the cost of your bond for a nominal fee. Our goal is to help you get through this process and back to your normal life with as little difficulty as possible, which is why we charge the lowest fee legally permitted by law for our surety bonds.
  • Personal recognizance bond. Defendants released on personal recognizance will not be required to pay a fee. Rather, they will sign a document that guarantees they will return to court for all scheduled appearances. This option is generally made available to people deemed low-risk: first offenders, those charged with minor crimes, and people with good standing in the community.

As a general rule, more serious crimes and repeat offenses generate higher bonds, while first offenses and minor crimes are met with lower bonds.

Personal Recognizance in El Paso County

If your loved one is released on a personal recognizance bond, it’s very important that they show through their actions that they were worthy of that judgment. The judge takes a risk releasing defendants from custody on personal recognizance (PR) bonds because there is no financial motivation for the defendant to show up in court. El Paso County requires defendants released on PR bonds to comply with the following conditions:

  • Appear at all scheduled court dates, demonstrating a willingness to comply with the judicial system.
  • Submit to drug or alcohol testing if required to do so by the judge. Failing to pass a drug or alcohol test could be viewed as a legal infraction at this stage.
  • Do not reoffend – which is to say, do not commit any additional crimes while out on PR bail.
  • Submit to county supervision as assigned by the judge.

The judge may also wish to set other terms for personal recognizance bonds. Ensure that your loved one carefully complies with all the conditions of their release to keep them from having it revoked.

Information on El Paso County Bail Bonds

Patriot has bail agents ready to respond to calls for El Paso County bail bonds. Call us 24/7: anytime, day or night. Late night hours are a specialty. Patriot Bail Bonds has a reputation for going the extra mile, and we will often turn up for the bonds that others have refused. If you or your loved one are in trouble, call us and we’ll get you out as soon as we can.

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