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Drug Intervention Services

Patriot Bail Bonds Can Help Break The Chains Of Drug Abuse With our Drug Intervention SErvices.

Drug Intervention services by patriot bail bonds
In this fast moving, 24-hour news cycle world, we forget that those accused of crimes are often victims too. Abuse of illegal drugs and other substances can result in good people finding themselves in terrible situations.
Substance abuse can lead people on a downward spiral from health, wellness and prosperity to destitution and imprisonment. This spiral destroys lives and families. Tragically, the difference between recovery and calamity is often the presence of the right person or people, at the right time, showing someone struggling with substance abuse the way to the resources they need to escape from their situation.

Drug Intervention Services

Here at Patriot Bail Bonds we try to be that difference-making factor. Our main agent, Randy Riggan, is a trained drug interventionist. Using professional techniques and resources, along with a proven support system, our team will identify situations in which substance abuse is a contributing factor. We will liaise with the authorities to try to make sure that the defendant gets the support they need while in custody, and we’ll try to offer a series of solutions and community resources to the defendant that can help them get back on their feet and stay there.

If you or a love one is in need of drug intervention services, call us at (303) 660-9922. Or you can contact The Colorado Drug Abuse Helpline at (844) 244-3171.