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  • NOT JUST DENVER BAIL BONDS – servicing all of Brighton, Ft. Lupton, Dacono, Hudson, Lochbuie, Thornton, Todd Creek, North Glenn, Henderson, Commerce City, Denver, North Aurora, DIA
  • Fast and Friendly Service – Surety Bonds . Cash Bonds
  • Payment Plans available with no collateral and no credit check
  • As low as 9 percent bonds depending on bond amount of financing

Consent of Surety

Waiver of Extradition as a Condition of Bail Bond

State Court forms for bond hearings

We will walk you through the entire process and keep you abreast of every detail. Here is how the process works:

The Process of How Bail Works

  • A person is arrested or finds out they have a warrant;
  • A family member, co-worker, friend or defendant (if you find out you have an arrest warrant against you) calls us immediately;
  • I will call the jail and verify the charges and bail amount;
  • The person purchasing the bond fills out the bond contract and application (we can do this online or on your phone using the bail application;
  • follow link to download app:
  • Pay the negotiated bail bond premium paid to the bondsman;
  • I will post the bond with the appropriate jail/detention center;
  • The person is released from jail;
  • The person bonded out fills out the bail bond application online or in person within 2 days of posted bond;
  • Bonded person will comply with all bond conditions including the appearance of all court dates until the case is dismissed or bond is released by the Judge/courts;
  • Collateral (if used/required) will be returned to the indemnitor after bond release.