Discover The Patriot Bail Bonds Difference.

Just what is is about our service that makes people use us again and again? What is it that we offer that merits a score of 4.9 Stars Out Of Five over 40 reviews on Google alone?
There’s no one thing that makes our service head and shoulders about that of our competitors, but the list of unique strengths listed below certainly goes a long way:

  • We’re Available When YOU Need Us. Go to any bail bondsman’s website, and you’ll see the same message – “we’re here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week”. All bail agents are available all the time – in theory.
    In practice, though, it’s a different story. Missed phone calls and ignored messages are only the beginning. Emails go unanswered, questions don’t get a response, worried parents and distressed spouses are ignored. The bottom line is, every bondsman says he’s 24/7, but VERY few of them actually are, and most will only respond quickly to the most lucrative bonds – they’re more concerned about money than they are about your freedom.
    That’s where our main agent, Randy Riggan, is different. When he says 24/7 he means it. 4am on a Tuesday morning? No problem. Late Saturday night? He’ll be there, coffee and all. Don’t believe us? Check out our reviews and see how many people have mentioned exactly this fact as a strength; Randy was there when they needed him the most, and the whole thing happened much more quickly than they thought it would.
  • A Friendly Face When You Need It The Most. If you need a bond, you’re probably not a criminal at all. You may be the mother or the spouse of a victim of a crime. It’s not a situation you’ve been in before and you’d certainly not ask to be in it now. You need a consoling voice, you need some support and understanding, and you need someone to just make the whole thing go away.
    That’s where we come in. We will be an advocate for you and you alone. We will not judge you or find you guilty until proven innocent. We’ll stand between you and the force of the legal system, remind them gently of your constitutional right to bail, and we’ll make the whole thing happen as smoothly and as quickly as possible.
  • The Lowest Possible Price.¬†How much we can offer our service to you for is controlled by law – there’s only so low we can go. But, the lowest possible legal price? That’s the one we’ll offer you, every time. All part of the service.

Patriot Bail Bonds Of Denver was established in 2004 as All Access Bail Bonds. The name change to Patriot happened in 2015. Under either name we’ve provided and specialized in the same thing: Denver Bail Bonds.

The company was founded and is still owned by Randy Riggan, and it will be him or one of his agents whom you will meet.

We specialize in providing bail bonds, often in circumstances others will not; unlike the courts, we ALWAYS presume innocence, and we’ll fight to get your freedom as if it was our own.


We provide the following types of bonds:

  • Bail Bonds
  • Juvenile Bonds
  • Immigration Bonds

Our knowledge and experienced of Denvers many county courts means that we can often succeed where other bail bond agencies cannot.

Why Patriot Bail Bonds?

Randy and the other agents take your freedom pretty personally. The way we see it, if you have been charged but not convicted of any crime then your freedom is an inalienable constitutional right. Here are the ways we go above and beyond to help you:

  • Available 24/7.We’re always working. Not everyone gets into a bind during working hours.
  • Large Business Area.We’re based in Arapahoe County, but we service the whole city of Denver, and all over the great state of Colorado if necessary. Call us and we will come.
  • A Friendly Face When You Need It The Most.You’ll be pleased to see Randy or the other guys. We understand good people find themselves in bad situations and we position ourselves squarely on your side – without judgment. Our first job is to make sure you’re safe, and then we’ll get you out.

There are lots of fine choices for Denver bail bonds, but we know we are the best at what we do. We sincerely hope you never need our service but, if and when you do, we hope that it’s Patriot Bail Bonds that you call.